January 2019 - WPDN

WPDN attorney Ryan Schwartz, and co-counsel Andrew Snyder of the Scottsbluff, Nebraska firm of Chaloupka, Holyoke, Snyder Chaloupka & Longoria, PC, recently prevailed in a jury trial in Goshen County, Wyoming.  Ryan and Andy represented manufactured home builder Family Built Homes, LLC.  Family Built Homes, LLC entered into a contract to build and deliver a manufactured home to the Plaintiffs who were relocating to Goshen County to live on their family’s farm.  Family Built Homes, LLC constructed and delivered a quality manufactured home to the Plaintiffs.  However, the Plaintiffs claimed they had been promised more, including a basement with 10 foot high ceilings, front and back decks, air conditioning units, and claimed Family Built Homes, LLC did not complete construction of the home in a timely or workmanlike manner.  The Plaintiff home buyers filed suit seeking compensation for over $100,000 in repairs they claimed were required to complete the home.

In response to the Plaintiff’s allegations, Family Built Homes, LLC provided evidence and expert testimony that the Plaintiffs never formally requested the qualities or features the Plaintiffs alleged, that those features were not included in the contract between the parties, and that the work performed by Family Built Homes, LLC was appropriate and met the required standard of care.  Throughout trial, WPDN attorney Ryan Schwartz continued to present evidence that Family Built Homes, LLC provided exactly what it agreed to provide to the Plaintiffs, and the home built by Family Built Homes, LLC met all applicable standards.

After 7 hours of deliberation, the jury returned with a verdict in favor of Family Built Homes, LLC.  The jury determined that Family Built Homes, LLC had not breached its contract with the Plaintiffs, that the work performed by Family Built Homes, LLC met the standard of care and that Family Built Homes LLC was not negligent.  In addition, the jury awarded Family Built Homes, LLC a judgment for the amounts the Plaintiff had not paid at the completion of the contract.