June 2019 - WPDN

Attorney Kyle Ridgeway and his client, Wyoming Financial Insurance, Inc. were recently granted total summary judgment in federal court, before the case even went to trial.

USI Insurance Services LLC. recently sued Wyoming Financial Insurance and their employee, an insurance broker who previously worked for USI and now worked for WFI. The former employee was represented by Amanda Esch at Davis & Cannon, LLP. USI maintained that our client had breached a previous non-solicitation contract, and had interfered with their contract with their former employee.

When our client left USI Insurance, he was still able to work in the insurance industry, but he could not solicit former clients for two years.

During the previous months, four of his former clients moved their business to Wyoming Financial Insurance, but the reasoning was not because the former USI employee approached them. They instead wanted to do business with other folks they knew at WFI, and to keep their business local and Wyoming based.

Throughout the proceedings, our attorneys proved WFI’s employee did nothing wrong, and that WFI landed these clients through legitimate market competition.

Our team litigated the case and went through about 20,000 pages of discovery and many depositions.

Our attorneys filed for and were granted a summary judgment by the Honorable Nancy D. Freudenthal, in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Federal Judge Freudenthal threw out the case before it even went to trial, maintaining that neither our client nor their employee, had done anything wrong.

While the case is being appealed by USI, we are proud that we were able to win this case before it even went to trial.

WPDN attorneys Kyle Ridgeway and Steve Emery recently won over $600,000 for their client in a week-long jury trial held in Campbell County, Wyoming. The significance of this case is that it was based solely on a handshake agreement between their client and the plaintiff.

The client in question had a background in electrical engineering from his days in the military, and he had developed a plan to repair component parts on mining trucks. This work would typically require days of work and travel, as well as a lot of money. However, the client found a way for the components to be shipped to him directly to be repaired. He would then recreate the electrical system of a haul truck, test the parts, fix them, and ship them back to the site. This created substantial efficiencies for the mining companies with trucks in need of repair.

The client entered into an agreement with the owner of an electrician shop, whereby he would provide training and the necessary materials to employees of the electrician, and the two companies would split the profits 50/50. This arrangement was beneficial to both parties as it would help them scale their businesses together.

However, the electrical company did not keep its end of the bargain and began hiding and taking money, without providing proper accounting to WPDN’s client. The case was taken to a jury trial. Our attorneys were required to prove a handshake agreement, with minimal paperwork as evidence. They did so, and our client was awarded more than $600,000 in compensation.