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WPDN Defense Verdict in Auto Accident Trial

In February 2019, WPDN attorneys P. Craig Silva and Amy M. Iberlin received a defense verdict in a four-day jury trial in Converse County, Douglas, Wyoming. Plaintiff asserted the Defendant was negligent in operating her vehicle in a May 1, 2011 accident in Douglas, Wyoming. Plaintiff claimed the accident resulted in a labral tear to his left hip and asserted surgery was necessary for repair.


During the trial, Craig and Amy presented evidence the Plaintiff was actually involved in a manhole explosion in 2001 resulting in several surgeries over the course of the next ten years that could be attributable to Plaintiff’s current complaints. Craig and Amy also produced evidence that four days before the May 1, 2011 accident, Plaintiff presented to the Emergency Room with a walker complaining of the same type of injuries he was asserting after the car accident.  On the Defendant’s behalf, an expert that testified the impact of the accident could not have caused the Plaintiff’s labral tear to his hip and called into question that Plaintiff had a labral tear at all.


After an hour and a half of deliberation, the jury returned a verdict in favor of Defendant finding that she was not a proximate cause of any damages incurred by the Plaintiff. No damages were awarded.