We are writing to update you on how Williams, Porter, Day & Neville PC is navigating the COVID-19 situation. At the outset, we wish to emphasize that the health and well-being of our clients, our staff and our attorneys are of paramount importance. Our commitment to our clients and staff is to take all reasonable, recommended steps to protect you from illness while also catering to your respective needs and continuing to provide the quality of work you have come to expect.

We have the capability of continuing to provide services to you through our cloud-based case management system, zoom videoconference, and have access to our office phones from home. We are planning to continue to provide the same services you have come to expect, with the health and safety of our staff and clients in mind.

Business Continuity Plan

Williams, Porter, Day & Neville PC has a business continuity plan that has already been implemented and will continue to evolve as this circumstance continues to play out. This plan identifies and prioritizes our critical business processes and provides mitigation and resolution plans. It ensures that the needs of our clients and staff will be safeguarded, no matter the circumstance.

As part of this plan, our management and human resource committees meet as necessary to assess risks and recommend actions. We will continue to monitor the situation as it evolves and to make quick adjustments. At this time, we are aware that Wyoming’s federal, district and circuit courts are taking reasonable steps to mitigate this situation, including the cessation of in-person appearances and temporarily halting the civil docket through April 10, 2020. We do not anticipate these changes will materially impact our services to our clients and we will work closely with the court system to ensure that your rights and privileges are protected.

Travel and Meetings

We have reasonably restricted business-related travel. All attorneys and staff who have traveled internationally and returned home, or whom may be residing with someone who displays symptoms of illness, are required to remain at home and are asked to self-isolate for 14 days.

We appreciate that meetings are an important part of our service to you. However, given present circumstances, and in the interests of protecting your health and the health of our staff, attorneys and others, we have encouraged our attorneys to minimize the risks of interaction by facilitating phone, e-mail and web meetings in place of in-person meetings as much as possible. If you or a member of your household have traveled internationally, or display symptoms of illness, we are asking for your cooperation in communicating that to us and to allow for a meeting by telephone or web meeting.

If you and all members of your household are symptom-free and have not traveled internationally in the last 3 weeks, then we are able to host meetings in the office. For meetings that occur in our offices, we have made changes to our internal resources and cleaning schedules to reduce the risks of transmission. We simply request that you assist us in complying with all social distancing recommendations that have been prescribed.

Please be assured that this circumstance shall pass. Thank you for your continued support and for your understanding during this rapidly-changing time. We look forward to getting back to business as usual shortly.  Please stay safe.

Williams, Porter, Day & Neville PC