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Thomas Rumpke WPDN Legal Win

WPDN Attorney Thomas Rumpke successfully defended his client in a $1.7 million personal injury case. 

In 2020, a plaintiff alleged Rumpke’s client did not provide adequate signage letting the public know that an area of sidewalk was unpaved and not open to public use. The plaintiff was injured while riding her bike, asking for  $1.7 million in damages. 

Rumpke, attorney for the defendant, argued that it was the plaintiff’s actions, not the lack of action by his client, that led to her injuries. Rumpke argued that the plaintiff was not riding carefully nor paying attention to the road upon which she was riding. Had she been paying attention, she would have noticed the large break in the path. Given the fact that Rumpke’s client did, in fact, provide all necessary signage, the jury determined that the defendant did not cause the injuries to the plaintiff. 

The case was dismissed.